Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Getting the Word Out"

I decided I would "hearken unto counsel" and keep getting the word out on Binary Finger Counting. What is it? It is, simply, doing more with less. The majority of us have five digits on each hand. What we do with them, however, in terms of counting is actually pretty simplistic. Basically, each digit is a assigned a value of "1", and then added together. So, for example, one extended finger (usually our index) respresents "One". Two extended fingers (such as our index and middle fingers) is considered to represent "Two", and etc. until all five digits are extended, which we typically consider to mean "Five".

This is, however, only scratching the surface of the potential we have. Let us start with our five digits all extended and, as a matter of fact, assume that to be "Zero" (!)

More later...

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