Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hooray for "m"-uh!

OK, so now we let go of our thumb and index finger, pull in our middle finger (while keeping that little finger in), and say "m". Now, when I say "m" to myself, I think of my darling niece: "EMMA!" With that in mind, hooray for Emma! By the way, "m" equals "g"&"4", which is the same as decimal "20=16+4".

So, again, your thumb and middle finger are down, and all the other digits are up. Stroke notation:

|||| ||||  |||| ||||   ||||


Little finger: |||| ||||  |||| |||| - worth "g" or decimal sixteen (Notice that if you count the strokes, there are sixteen of them)
Middle finger: |||| - worth 4

Saturday, August 13, 2011

"kih" or k

Same as "jih" or j, except you just "add" your thumb, which, of course, is worth one.

So, the little finger, index finger, and thumb are in (use your thumb to help hold down your index finger, if you would like), and all other digits are up.

Stroke notation?

|||| ||||  |||| ||||   || |


Little finger: |||| ||||  |||| |||| - worth "g" or sixteen
Index finger: || - worth 2
Thumb: | - worth 1



Thursday, August 4, 2011


Same as `hih`, except you release your thumb and pull in your index finger. It is just like going from ``one`` to ``two``, except in this case, it is all with your little finger pulled in - so you have `gee` (or sixteen) plus one and two respectively, which gives us hih and jih (or seventeen and eighteen, respectively).

Thumb and index finger down, all other digits up.

|||| ||||  |||| ||||   ||

Thumb: |||| ||||  |||| |||| - worth "g" - or sixteen
Index finger: || - worth 2