Friday, October 21, 2011

q - "quah", a.k.a. "What?"

Note: I could have drawn the "ring finger" sticking up, but actually it is just as comfortable to rest it on my palm as drawn - and it "doesn't count" because it is not "tucked in" like the other fingers. I suppose I could say I am "speaking a little French" or, "je parles en peut de Francais" on this one. I believe "qua" means "what" in French.

So, in my modified stroke notation, that would be:

|||| |||| |||| |||| |||| || |
g & 4& 2& 1 = q

Or, in decimal, sixteen plus four plus two plus one, eqauling twenty three.

P.S. So then, I suppose the expression: "qua et qua" ("et" being French for "and"), would translate into decimal 23 plus 23, which would equal 46... (in duoTRIgesimal, or Base thirty two, that would be "q&q='1e' dtg" (dtg is a "marker" that denotes the base as, again, duotrigesimal)).

Saturday, October 15, 2011

p - "pih", as in... "...PIT!..."

OK, so we let our thumb go, pull in the index finger, and we have "p".

Sunday, October 9, 2011

n - or "in"

OK, so with our pinky finger and middle finger still held down (which, again, gave us "m"), we pull our thumb "in", and that GIVES us "n"! (In other words, we will CALL it "in" (NOT "en"))!

Little and middle fingers, as well as thumb in; ring finger and index finger out. Sorry! I just realized that all the drawings I had posted links to in "Slimber" were outdated - so, for now, I am simply describing the finger positions that I THOUGHT could be accessed on "Slimber" (it was an online drawing tool that I thought I could use to store drawings; but obviously somewhere along the line, the links to my illustrations got outdated).

Stroke notation:

|||| ||||  |||| ||||  ||||   |

The breakdown:

Little finger: |||| ||||  |||| |||| - it's worth "g" (French guy "Guy") - or decimal sixteen
Middle finger: |||| - worth 4
Thumb: | - worth 1