Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hooray for Marqueta! (Twelve, Part II)

Hello! I just realized something! The little and index fingers pointed out, along with the thumb, do not necessarily have a sinister, occultic meaning. As a matter of fact, in sign language, they mean something that actually applies to one of my favorite people: Marqueta Jones Graham! Who is she? A married mother of seven (including Victoria, who is with Jesus right now), who lives in the states. She has a blog called "Sweete Felicity", where I have spent many a fond moment (if not hour) perusing her many amazing pictures, stories, poems, and songs. She is like an older sister to me, as far as I am concerned, and has shown me about as much kindness as anyone I know. So, here is "Twelve revisited", and it is all dedicated to dear sister Marqueta!

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  1. Dear Daniel,

    Aw, thanks! That means an awful lot to me. We have really been blessed by your friendship, too.