Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hooray for "m"-uh!

OK, so now we let go of our thumb and index finger, pull in our middle finger (while keeping that little finger in), and say "m". Now, when I say "m" to myself, I think of my darling niece: "EMMA!" With that in mind, hooray for Emma! By the way, "m" equals "g"&"4", which is the same as decimal "20=16+4".

So, again, your thumb and middle finger are down, and all the other digits are up. Stroke notation:

|||| ||||  |||| ||||   ||||


Little finger: |||| ||||  |||| |||| - worth "g" or decimal sixteen (Notice that if you count the strokes, there are sixteen of them)
Middle finger: |||| - worth 4

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