Friday, October 21, 2011

q - "quah", a.k.a. "What?"

Note: I could have drawn the "ring finger" sticking up, but actually it is just as comfortable to rest it on my palm as drawn - and it "doesn't count" because it is not "tucked in" like the other fingers. I suppose I could say I am "speaking a little French" or, "je parles en peut de Francais" on this one. I believe "qua" means "what" in French.

So, in my modified stroke notation, that would be:

|||| |||| |||| |||| |||| || |
g & 4& 2& 1 = q

Or, in decimal, sixteen plus four plus two plus one, eqauling twenty three.

P.S. So then, I suppose the expression: "qua et qua" ("et" being French for "and"), would translate into decimal 23 plus 23, which would equal 46... (in duoTRIgesimal, or Base thirty two, that would be "q&q='1e' dtg" (dtg is a "marker" that denotes the base as, again, duotrigesimal)).

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