Friday, July 31, 2015

For I am become like a bottle in the smoke... - revised! (:()

...yet do I not forget thy statutes. Verse (decimal) "eighty-three", or Base Thirty Two "twentuh-kih" 2k dtg

Left hand: two fingers up (any two will do, but I like my index and middle)

Right hand: Little and index fingers, and thumb, down...

Hey! I just realized! On my left hand, it's "up" that makes a digit count; whereas on my right hand, it's "down" that "makes the difference" between a binary one and zero. In this case, that is decimal sixteen, two, and one... and zero.

16+2+1=19, +64 = decimal eighty three, or 83



P.S. I am so sorry about this post! I just proofread it and was mortified! If you do not know what I was talking about, say no more! :)

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