Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Therefore I love thy commandments above gold... REVISED again!

...yea; above fine gold.

3z dtg "Thirtuh-Zed" = 96+31=127 decimal, or "A hundred and twenty seven".

Left hand, three fingers up

Right hand, all digits in (as if we were forming a fist)

Here comes the "roll-over"!

(By the way, it is just like in decimal where we have "thirty-nine" plus one. What comes after that?)

People! I am so mortified! I apologize again! I was one verse ahead of myself. Remember that story about the cracked waterpot? That's me - and it hurts. I am a card-carrying perfectionist, but that obviously means I am REALLY going to have to redefine the word "perfect". That, however, by the grace of God, is what I resolve to do until I fall on sleep (i.e. pass away)! I love you!

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