Friday, March 4, 2016

The righteousness of thy testimonies... - revised yet again ... AND again!

is everlasting - give me understanding and I shall...

...(both hands - the left one with four fingers up for "fourtuh" (and thumb in so you remember not to confuse it with "fiftuh"); and the right one with only the little finger IN for "giy" (which is a little bit tricky, especially when you are new to binary finger counting. I, however, have gotten into the habit of of using a rolling motion against the palm of my hand, so that the palm is holding down the little finger)... UP!)...


(Verse "a hundred and fourty four" in decimal)

Remember, way back when, when we were at verse (decimal) fourty eight? (Let me share it again:

"My hands also will I lift up unto thy commandments which I have loved, and I will meditate in thy statutes")

...and how I said I put my hands up for that verse? In duotrigesimal, or base thirty two, that was "giy-tuhn", or 1g dtg? When ye read that verse, I am sure ye can easily see why I put my hands up for it. In the case of our current verse, however?

Not everyone can take "living" for granted. I sure cannot! Life is a real struggle for me at times. For example: getting married. I have no idea why God seems to have ordained that I would be in my current situation, but I sure am in it; and how I am EVER going to get out of it in one piece? I do know - it is by faith; but, people? IT IS A LIONS' DEN! AND THEN SOME! Of course, regardless of how it seems, it WILL end and I WILL get married! Hallelujah! That is one of the reasons (even main reasons) why, when I get to this verse? I put my hands up and declare, again: "...LIVE!"



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