Thursday, November 10, 2011

OK, so, in the last post, we WERE considering "", but now we're going to consider... "TIH!"...

...or "t", as in "tip", but without the "p" sound at the end:

Again, at the end of my post on "r", or "rah", I say, "So there we have... 'IT'...", and now, here we have... "TIH"! (In other words, "it" in reverse!)

g & 8 & 2, which equals decimal "twenty-six". If ye would like, try looking up "d". It is simply "t" moved over to the right, one digit. So, the pinky goes up, the middle finger gets "tucked in and rolled in", the index finger goes up, and the thumb comes in, and you have "d" (or decimal thirteen)...

... which is half of "t" (or, again, decimal twenty six)!

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