Thursday, November 24, 2011

v - a.k.a. "vih" - just be "vih-ry" careful with this gesture, in particular!

Again, I have done my utmost to steer you away from any untended communication of profanity in my presentation of this number.

All digits (i.e. thumb and fingers) down, except for the middle finger. The middle finger, however, is NOT up! This is because sticking it up risks inadvertently communicating a VERY profane message! In order avoid this VERY MUCH unwanted outcome; instead, rest your middle finger overtop of your thumb muscle. By contrast? All other fingers (which are "down") should be tucked underneath your thumb muscle. I call this "v" or "vih"!

Stroke notation for this is: |||| ||||  |||| ||||  |||| |||| || |

The breakdown?
|||| ||||  |||| |||| - the little finger, which is worth "g", or "gee" (sounds like the French name, "Guy"), or decimal sixteen
|||| |||| - the ring finger, which is worth 8
|| - the index finger, which is worth 2
| - the thumb, which is worth 1

Thanks, again, for "vih-siting"!


Daniel Robbins

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