Thursday, January 15, 2015

"10 dtg" - also known as "32 decimal"!

Alright! Long time me no post new post! Ready for the other hand? Let all your digits out on your primary hand (for me, it is my right hand), and do the "thumb up" on your secondary hand (for me, my left hand)! (In other words, on my left hand, all my fingers are in, and my thumb is out). That's "10 dtg" or "32 decimal"!

"10"?... Ye may say? That's right! In duotrigesimal, or "Base 32" "Tuhn" is "Thirty-two" (pronounced: "tən")!

"TUHN!?" I can now hear some people possibly say! That's right! I invented that term! My thinking? Something that SOUNDS like "ten", but ISN'T ten. Also, something that, LIKE "ten", is easy to say! As a matter of fact? I think "tuhn" has fit the bill perfectly. The reason I chose that word, is it contains the "scwah" - "ə". If ye were to look in a dictionary pronunciation guide, ye would see the "schwah" - "ə" left, right, and centre (a.k.a. "center" for all my American friends). It is the "upside-down and backwards" "e". For example: "Delicious!" Two schwahs! I do not know how to get that

"Də-LIH-shəs!"... OK! So, maybe that last syllable is more along the lines of the short "I" sound ("Də-LIH-shihs") but other times it would be with two schwahs (again, as in "Də-LIH-shəs").

Stroke notation:

|||| ||||  |||| ||||   |||| ||||  |||| |||| - 10 dtg, or 32 decimal

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