Friday, January 30, 2015


Left thumb and right middle finger down - all other digits up. That gives us 32 on the left hand, and 4 on the right hand - totaling (decimal) 36, or duotrigesimal 14 ("Four-tuhn", or "Four-tǝn" - OR - "Fourt-tǝn". In other words, your can stress the first or second syllable; but either way, pronounce the "schwa" vowel - i.e. "ǝ"). Again, say the "tuhn" just like the "ten" in "forgot'ten'"). If you were going to stress the "tuhn" in "Four-tuhn", the closest I can think of to "shwa" vowel you would be making it the "oo" in "took". If you substitute an "n" for the "k" in "took", and then say that after non-stressed: "four", then your "fourt-tuhn" should sound like "four-toon" - but not with the "long" "oo" vowel sound, as in "tune"; but again, rather, the "oo" in "took". In fact, you can shorten that "oo" sound all the way down to where your mouth is completely relaxed and you say - again: "four-tǝn". Again? "ǝ" is the vowel sound you will produce if you completely relax your mouth. That's why I chose to use it in place of the short "e" sound in "ten", and the "ee" sound in "teen"!

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